After School

Dundalk, MD After School Program

Maryland State Licensed Child Care Center

Child Care options from 7am - 6pm
Transportation to and from school and Pre - K included!

►   Before School Care only  7am - 9am

►   After School  Care only  2:30pm - 6pm

►   Before and After School combined

►   Preschool / Day Care ages (3-5)  7am - 6pm

►   Summer Program

►   52 Week Year round plan

The 52 week year round program consists of combining
Before and After School with the Summer Program! This
also includes full day services when school is closed
for Winter and Spring Breaks! Space is limited so don't
delay - CALL TODAY to enroll your child in the most 
trusted program in the greater Baltimore area!  
►   Drop off and pick up from school!

►   Afternoon Snacks!

►   Help organizing homework!

►   2 EXCITING Kenpo Karate lessons per week!

►   2 Games and activities per week!

►   Powerful Words Character Development!

►   Bully Buster and Stranger Danger curriculum!

►   Rooms for study, board and video games!

►   Parents pick up as late as 6pm!   
Confidence - Responsibility - Character!
American Kenpo Karate has an absolutely incredible
Before and After School Karate program. The After
School Program hours are 7 AM - 6 PM Monday
through Friday. We transport your child to school
in the morning and pick up from school in the 
afternoon. Our After School Program kids have a
safe and fun environment to study, do homework
and get their daily fitness needs met through our
outstanding and exciting After School Karate class.

Where is there an activity, group or sport that gives
kids as many of the fundamnetals they need to 
accomplish, flourish and succeed as Karate does?
CORRECT! - there's NOT!

Students gain self esteem and confidence plus, 
attain greater focus and concentration. At American
Kenpo Karate we help instill the importance of
Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Leadership!
Don't let this be your child!
Now your children have gotten their exercise for the 
day, their homework is already well underway if not
completed and you are on your way home by 6pm.
Your family now has time to enjoy their evening! You
don't have to go back out for karate classes, no more
chaos trying to get it all done and in bed on time.
Bonus - your kids will sleep really, really well!

Lastly, but extremely important is bullying in
our society. We teach children how to effectively
deal with that bully that almost every child will
encounter at one point or another. We provide 
the tools to help children avoid confrontation,
stay out of danger and get home safely.

We love helping instill the confidence your child
needs to face the bully, get ahead and succeed
in life. Give us a call today, you'll be glad you did!
"Everything I learn in karate class helps me in my schoolwork"

Before / After School students enrolling NOW!

"I made Honor Roll and the Demonstration Team!"

Goal Setting - Perseverance - Leadership  

With several options available and
transportion to and from school provided...
We have you covered!
                                                                   Hours: 7am - 6pm                          
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More happy customers...

"American Kenpo Karate is amazing, my son is
learning so much in the after school program.
They pick him up from school and help get his
homework done. Of course he loves the bounce
houses, game room and all of the cool activities
that they have for they kids."
                                                                           - Jessica OKelley - 
"I put my son in the after school program three
months ago. We were allowed to take a couple
of classes to make sure he would enjoy it. He has
been soaring ever since! Made new friends and so
many activities. Very pleased with the facility
and the whole staff. Thank you,
                                                                             - Tracie Davies -
"Son has been in the after school program for some 
time. Too many benefits to list. I recommend that 
parents take the tour, you won't be disappointed!
                                                                                - Brittany Tollberg -
"The after school program and summer camp have
been a life saver for our family. Open on snow days
or when school is closed is great for working parents.
The kids are learning honesty, integrity and respect.
                                                                                         - Carl Adams -
"As a single mom I was looking for the right karate
school and an after school program. Imagine my 
delight when I found both under the same roof.
Great place, good people, I highly recommend!"
                                                                               - Sarah Shannon -

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