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Kids Karate Classes forming NOW!

Are you searching for the best Martial Arts training for your child? GREAT, you've found it here at American
Kenpo Karate! Our fast paced, action packed Kids Karate lessons are full of energy and a whole lot of fun!
Martial Arts is an excellent way to get kids off the couch to stay fit and healthy. Gaining great self defense
skills while learning how to effectively deal with bullies is just what kids need! Thanks to our patient, caring,
and encouraging Black Belt Instructors - children love our award winning Martial Arts curriculum! American
Kenpo Karate offers so much more than typical karate lessons. From coaching your kids on positive character
building traits, helping instill lifelong leadership skills and strengthening their confidence and self esteem,
our children's martial arts classes are jam packed with benefits for kids of all ages!
Friends - Fitness - Self Esteem 
By providing students a positive 
environment  - Leadership skills, 
confidence and self esteem are
enhanced. Our students learn
important character development
through Dr. Robyn Silverman's 
Powerful Words program.
American Kenpo Karate's Kids
martial arts classes are 
jam-packed with great benefits!

Dragons Class - 4 - 6 Y/O

Are you considering introducing your preschooler or kindergartner to the exciting and rewarding world of
Martial Arts? American Kenpo Karate's Dragon's 
classes for children ages 4 - 6 will be the perfect fit!
Our Black Belt Instructors move at a pace that is
perfect for little ones. Here are some of the great
benefits in store for your child: 
   ☺   A non competitive introduction to martial arts!

   ☺   Kids develop a life long appreciation for fitness!

   ☺   Karate will strengthen confidence and self respect!

   ☺   We help instill a positive - can do - attitude!

   ☺   Stranger danger & handling tough situations! 
Students develop the physical skills necessary for Martial Arts training:
  ►  Coordination  ►  Balance  ►  Agility  ►  Proper Form

Your child will learn the self defense basics:
  ►  Blocks  ►  Hand Strikes  ►  Kicks

POWerful Words, our character development program
will help instill these positive attributes:
  ►  Respect  ►  Focus  ►  Discipline  ►  Confidence

Dragon students participate in monthly activities like
skating and pizza parties, lock - ins and more to enhance 
their social skills!  

Behavior - Self Control - Improved Grades

Juniors Class - 7 - 12 Y/O

Our Juniors class is just the ticket for children ages 7 -
12. This incredible class will get your kids off the couch and
onto the mat for an energizing workout that develops
the essential physical skills needed for self defense! From
the first class your child will have fun gaining:

          Balance and Timing
          Speed and Power
          Endurance and More!

These skills are achieved through practicing universal
forms, self defense techniques, blocking, kicking, 
striking, jumping, rolling, sparring and ground 

Junior class students attain these life skills necessary 
to be successful:

          Self Esteem and Respect
          Perseverance and Confidence
          Teamwork and Leadership
We use monthly activities like Pizza parties, Lock-Ins,
Olympic day etc. to develop a positive peer 
environment where kids feel comfortable and safe
while having a great time!

Using our belt system, we emphasize the importance
of GOAL-SETTING and teach kids how to exceed 
their goals through HARD WORK and DISCIPLINE!

With each class, you will see improvements in their
physical, mental and emotional state of being.
Confidence - Responsibility - Character
Focus - Concentration - Goal Setting 
Whether for a 4 year old or a teenager, American 
Kenpo Karate has a martial arts class that's  just
right for their needs. With new classes enrolling
this month we've put together an exciting offer
that you just don't want to miss! For more info
about our Karate classes and to find out how to
enroll in one of our fantastic programs please fill
out the short form above, call us at 410-282-6900
or stop by TODAY! There is no obligation, we'd
love to hear from you and we can't wait to meet
your family! SO, Don't Delay - Call TODAY 'cause
From some of our fans...

"Love Ms. Morgan and Ms. Christy! I would definately
recommend American Kenpo Karate to everyone!"
                                                                            - Frances Lowensen -
"Business is super clean, professional, very organized
and structured - I love that! I recommend the karate
after school program, child care and summer camp
to all my friends and family."
                                                                                - Adina Sandy -
"I'm very excited that our son joined karate here,
he loves it and is learning so much! The staff is
just amazing and they're great with the kids."
                                                                      - Lisa Zarachowicz - 
"Highly Recommend! So much more than just a
karate school. Licensed child care, before and
after school program - transportation provided, 
summer camp and karate lessons. Even open
on days that schools are closed!"
                                                                       - Christopher Baker - 
"My 5 y/o son and I just love karate! Before and
after school, all day care when schools are closed,
homework help and karate lessons. This Karate
school is great and Instructors are awesome!"
                                                                                 - Kelly Dukes -
"My girls have attended for 2 years. American
Kenpo Karate has been a life saver for this single
mom. With before and after school program, open
on days school is closed and a great Summer
Camp, you can't go wrong!"
                                                                                  - K. Haimila - 

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